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What Rating Would the Person Above You Get? Remember how in old Basilmarket there was a % rating for every account based on how people rated the auction experience? Well, I decided that we should revitalize that, but this time, instead of based off auctioning experience, it's based off of your knowledge of that person on this site. Please provide a % rating of the person above you along with your justification. To give you an an example, I'll go first. Mr. Basil isn't up there anymore but I'll just use him anyway. Mr. Basil: 65% He used to be around 80-90%, but after changing the site and failing to listen to the complaints of his users, he has seriously gone down. I mean every other day there is a thread complaining about the format of the

General Chat

Green Tyrant Steps Down After much tribulation, I have been overthrown as the "Green Tyrant", and no longer does that term apply to me. I thank the support of for originally coming up with the nickname, but I am sorry to say that I have failed my anti-Senpai. Now you may be wondering, who was powerful enough to overthrow me? It is none other than Quasar is now the new Green Tyrant along with his queen But don't worry, the Green Tyrant will not reign for long. We have assembled a rebellion force known as Team Red that consists of me, , , and Together we shall overthrown the Green! Join the fight!