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Paladin Range thread [header]Well hello there, my Paladin friends.[/header] I recall there being something like this a while back, but I can't seem to find it. SO MIGHT AS WELL START A NEW ONE. I realize that pallies aren't exactly high damage dealers (yet), but it's still fun to do this sort of thing so we can compare, and help each other strive to improve :D [url=http://i.imgur.com/hudOZBl.jpg]My range self buffed on August 3rd, 2013.[/url] My current range at this moment with 55% str (61% with maple warrior :P). Considering what my range was earlier this year, I'm very satisfied with how my range has improved. Hopefully the DA link as well as the unique pots can help me to get stronger. September 28th, 2013: When I get the chance, I'll p

General Paladin

Paladin Dojo Times Hi everyone, So today, I did dojo on my character for the first time. Not the greatest time (16:45), but with some more boss%, I should be able to improve it significantly. For now though, I'd like to see where I stack up compared to my fellow Paladins and perhaps get a reference point as to what I have to improve to. Please post below how fast you dojo, and the boss% you have. Thanks in advance~ :D Update (06/19/13): So just for fun, I decided to go dojo again. Timing it a bit better than yesterday's run, I got 14:41. Decent? :o


Scammer alert in BelloNova Hello everyone, So, I've created this post on behalf of (UsagiSmiles) due to a scammer in Bellonova. IGN: Retrands Guild: Tranquil Retrands was offering to sell UsagiSmiles 25k nx at a 1:55 rate for a total of 1.375b. As is typical, the transaction was mesos first. However, upon receiving and entering the code, it was revealed that the code was invalid. [url=http://i.imgur.com/rcTcpRm.jpg]Here is a screenshot of it happening[/url] Apparently, Retrands also had two vouchers, however UsagiSmiles cannot remember what their IGNs were. Tranquil Guild, I hope that you will take the right course of action to deal with Mr. Retrands. If anyone knows anymore information on Retrands and who his other characters may be, pleas