HoboBoxess #General Talk


Khaini 1 Server Gms [url=http://i.imgur.com/8kfhQJv.jpg]1[/url] [url=http://i.imgur.com/Sm8OdBB.jpg]2[/url] [url=http://i.imgur.com/V76bn4Z.jpg]3[/url] i'd just like to mention he said he wanted to buy the hot air balloon because it was 'pink' also he called me a kid and he acts like he's 13 he's pretty much mad cause he wanted to buy my hot air balloon for less than half the price, then unleashed comes out and there's hot air balloons everywhere and no one buys them and the price has dropped drastically. he's left nice messages in my shops, and then a few minutes ago he defamed me and logged out. i've literally said almost nothing to him since he's started his poor attempts at harassment. welcome to khaini best server in the world


Price Check on Surprise Boxes I got 101 Surprise Style Boxes from Marvel Machine, I just want a p/c on the stuff i got. 90 Day Items: Bunny Ears Ebony Pimpernal Cape Dog Tail White Beanie Brisk Star Tail Ghost Weapon Tiger Tail Fallen Angel Wings White Outlaw Shirt Battle Mage Hat Bunny Earmuffs Dainty Cape Red Hip hop Pants Pink Argyle Plaid Winged Costume Pink Bow Ebony Pimpernal Boots Grey Visor Hat Gray Bell Robe Red Hooded Coat Red Checkered Shirt Black Aviator Shades Snowflake Scarf Puppy Tail(Black) Black Hit Me Shirt Demon Sickle Baby Ellie Shooting Star Tiger Tail Glowy Patterned Cap Black Bow Superstar Headphones Dark Suit(Male) Green Suspenders Plasma Saber Dracula Cloak Blade Overall Head Bandage Aran's Cape LED Sunglasses Choco