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Auto Feed Movement Skill How does the auto feed movement skill work? I know that it auto feeds which was the main reason I bought the skill for but I would like to know how the navigate multi-level maps work. What does it mean by multi-level? Like different platforms (top, middle, bottom?) I have the skill and it's auto feeding but I have yet to see my pet move any differently. I also have the auto move and expanded auto move skill as well. Here is the description of the skill: Allows your pet to feed itself using Pet Food from your inventory. Can't be used with Pet Food from the Cash Shop. Also allows your pet to navigate multi-level maps to pick up mesos and items. Can be used on all pets.

General Shade

game freezes after logging into character haro everyone my game was working fine yesterday but today when i try to logon the game freezes with my character on the ground. it's not like one of those lags or freezes when you are in the air. i can play other computer games like pay day 2, counter strike, and other shooting games on steam. tried uninstalling, reinstalling, run as admin, changing resolution, logging in normally without steam, restarting computer. any ideas? any tech gurus out there? thx for any help god bless edit: running windows 7 ulti