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Question about Primal Groudon/Kyogre ability I'm trying to figure out who will have the priority in terms of sending both out at the same time. I know that regular Groudon/Kyogre start up sunlight and rain when they enter, and this is the weather that can change. the slower pokemon in this case is the one that gets priority (EX: Groudon is slower than Kyogre, both are sent out, weather turns into rain, and then stays on sunlight) But what about in their Primal forms? Getting my info from here: Which weather condition would have priority if they are both in their Primal forms? "It is nearly impossible to change the weather during Extremely Harsh Sunlight" The keyword there is NEARLY, and i haven't been able to find anything to conf


A somewhat work-around for subi throwing stars So I couldn't find Subi throwing stars in the potion shops I checked, did some research, found out they aren't around anymore. So my solution was to buy Tobi stars from Mo in NLC after finishing the Fallen Trees quest. So if you need throwing stars, read on. I think you need either a level 40 or 45 to get the quest, but you'll want a higher level character because some of the mobs are strong. So to get the quest you need to talk to the mayor in NLC and finish his quiz, and then go into phantom forest with the taxi, and the gravestone on the left side of the map. Go up the rope into the tree portal, and you're at the map with Taggrin. He should have a quest called Fallen Trees after you do the m

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Where have I heard this theme before? I was looking up strategy for Touhou6 ESoD when I got lost in the other game's extra boss fights. I came across this: I recognized this music from somewhere... But I can't tell where. The higher pitched part, minus a lot of the drums/guitar, and it sounded slower. I came across this remix of it: It sounded almost exactly like the song that came to mind when I heard the original. Towards the end though it gets faster, but I know I've heard this theme somewhere before... Maybe as a menu theme for some sort of horror game? I can't remember, maybe somebody here will? It's bugging me soo much </3 WOW THE SECOND I POST THIS THREAD I FIND IT. Closing thread~ Uhh I don't know how to close threads, the layout


Whats with the sudden drop in Cra? My friend is talking about buying his (mage) CRA hat for 100m and top for 20m. He's talling stories of how other classes CRA is also extremely low priced. I went and checked out warrior CRA, as I've been doing for the past two weeks. And those process have gone down too. BY A LOT. When I bought my RCA top it was 400m. After the supposed buff of CRA they rose to around 600m. I checked today to see that warrior tops are 99m and below? UNSOLD? Something sketchy is going on in the FM and i'm afraid to buy any CRA.

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