General Thief

Super Weak Bandit Edit: I think I've got this mostly figured out, but leaving this here for weapon recs. I'm assuming I'm missing something obvious here, having not played in a while and usually playing one of new "fancy" classes. But it's pathetic how long it takes to kill enemies 10+ levels under me. Maybe there's one specific weapon I should be using? I'm using a Sai right now which isn't anything fancy but I've used similar weapons on other classes with no issues. I mainly use Dagger Booster and MesoGuard for skills, and I've followed a guide for allocation.

General Quests

Flaming Feathers, Silk Feathers, Ancient Scroll Do flaming feathers not drop from Red Drakes anymore? Been at them for a while and no luck. Seems I recall them dropping more frequently than than this in the past. I have not been able to find any silk feathers (not stiff feathers) either. Hunted Jr. Lioners for quite a while on 2x drop and not one. I remember having like 10 Ancient Scrolls after hunting a few Tauromacis but now those don't seem to drop either. Has it all changed? Is it something to do with being on Reboot? Thanks!