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Who else suffers from the Royal Conservatory of Music Everyone who takes music lessons in north america is using the RCM programs (of my knowledge). Which means many of you should be suffering or suffered from things like Theory, Harmony, History, Analysis etc.... The sad thing is that you have to take these classes in order to get your certificate for things like piano, violin etc... Who else feels my pain? I have been studying half my summer so far trying to memorize stuff about composers and i'm only taking History I... :~(

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Chinese Mandarin vs Cantonese I am a chinese person and my mother tongue is Cantonese (my parents were from Guangzhou), but they came to Canada. I was always interested in the Chinese culture, but what always blocked me from getting to know China better was the language. I speak Cantonese, but when i go to China, most people speak Mandarin. When i mean China, some people think of Hong Kong.... THEY ARE 2 TOTALLY DIFFERENT PLACES! I mean, i can barely understand and speak it. My parents and some chinese friends told me that it wouldnt be hard because i can read speak and write in Chinese. I just find that really difficult to speak. Can anyone give me any tips on how to improve my mandarin or if you were in my position, what would you do? :D

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