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General Nightlord

I was doing some research on soloing Hellux on Nl I read that you need to do somewhere between 20m-30m lines to finish off helix gem on time as a NL. As of right now I have 216% boss and 300k range. I just wanna know how much range I need in order to hit that 20m-30m per line on gollux. I know I'm not even close as I do have a dark knight with well over 2-2 range, but just wondering how it works for NL. The 300k range does not include any link skills (I have them, but it's not regularly active on the NL). I really did not expect the amount of funds that I would need to use to get to ony 300k range. Of course none if these have potentials over 6% luck and no emblem. I think I've spent a good 65b and this was my result. Maybe I'm just not spe