Wow I guess Nexon really wants to lure me back to this game I haven't played the game in months and decided to log in yesterday just to check what's new. I got the 2k rewards point and today, I received the storm growth potion (i'm surprised it's supposed to work on lvls 200-249 characters) even though it's bugged atm. So I think to myself, wow guess I logged in on the right days. I then proceed to kill some bosses to get 200 more reward points so I can buy a single black cube. I say "what the hell", use it on my shield and boom, it goes from 9% all, 9% matt, 12% dex legendary to 40% boss, 9% matt, 12% avoid legendary. Sure, it's not super amazing, but I don't think i've ever been this lucky in all of my years playing this game an

General Icelightningarchmage

Frozen orb hit rate a lot faster? With the new update, is it just me or does frozen orb's hit rate seem to be a lot faster? Is that just the new dmg graphical system that is giving that illusion or is the hit rate increased now? I swear it hits so fast that my game lags whenever I use it and I never lagged before the update. I used it on hilla and it was enough to kill her in less than 2 seconds.. And by the way, thumbs up to nexon for finally fixing its cooldown! Edit: Someone posted a vid of it on another thread

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