Snowshoes make a difference Surprisingly enough, show shoes actually perform differently on non icy grounds (such as Henesys), even though they are known to make a difference only in icy grounds. I discovered that while using snowshoes, I was able to turn more sharply and move quicker out of a turn, whereas I felt a little sluggish while using my tyrant boots. This is not a joke, you can try it yourself if you feel like it (make sure to pay close attention). Feel free to report your results, so I don't look crazy! It's a very minor difference but noticeable nonetheless, and I hope this might serve some purpose (perhaps in Oz or other quests involving moving and jumping). :)

General Icelightningarchmage

I/l Hellux Gem Cl Glitch I'm honestly fed up with chain lightning not even registering on the gem when I attack it. Sometimes I literally just stop attacking, then start attacking again and CL starts working. Obviously, when you're trying to kill the gem as fast as possible it makes it annoying, and CL is the attack you use to kill the mobs (I almost didn't even finish once because I didn't even see that I was doing no damage). Are any other I/L mages having this problem, because frankly, I feel like I'm going to switch to F/P if this keeps occurring. >.<