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Best business major? Which of the following business majors is worth majoring in and later getting a masters in, and provides great job security/availability, good salaries, interesting internship opportunities, and isn't tedious/boring?: BBA in Accounting BBA in Economics BBA in Information Systems BBA in Management BBA in General Business BBA in Finance BBA in Marketing BBA in Opper & Supply Mgm Currently I am an acct. major, but atm I am half azzing my introductory acct classes (every degree plan requires two of these) and it just seems boring and tedious to the point where I prioritize LOL and Maple over it lol. Should I start thinking about changing majors or will it get better and be less boring in the future? I find my history cl

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Should I stay away from Protein shakes (50/60 grams) per day if I want to stray away from skinny fat and go towards a toned/cut physique like: I lift 4 to 5 times a week heavy and light (high reps), do 30 mins of HIIT 6 times a week, and run 4 miles 4 days a week (should I bump it up to everyday again?). I've went from 205 lbs to about 160-165 since about March, I'm 5 11/ 6 ft. I have lost a ton of weight but I don't see super massive definition. What should I be doing differently to continue going from skinny fat to lean or to even buff? I know I should cut my body fat % but does drinking whey protein slow the process of lowering body fat down? Wouldn't more muscle being built in the process burn fat at the same time tho? Thanks for your h