Frenzy Totem vs Kishin? So this question eventually popped into my head while trying to figure out how a Phantom guildmate managed 237-240 in 3 days (he's a phantom btw) when during 2x on 15.6x (2x, 2x cs, 2x buff, bt) I only managed 24% in those 4 hours. Now I personally have a Kanna mule, and, as a Mech, I am able to clear the entire map every second in those upper stem maps (left, right, crossroads, depending on which has 100% burn) I calculated he'd only make up to 3.46% every hour if he could kill the entire map every second with a kanna, assuming he was on 2x cs, 2x buff, and hs, so eventually the only thing I could think of to allow him to lv that much is if a Frenzy Totem had even better respawn rates/amount of spawn than Kishin (bt

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