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am i werid ? convo Am i werid this is a convo i just had with a friend (u should kno who u r) =D [b]Friend[/b] said (Jan 31, 4:31pm) Haha okie ^^ I'll still be here. [b]Koncept[/b] said (Jan 31, 4:30pm) brb gotta get food *kills a rabbit and eat it waking away* [b]Friend[/b] said (Jan 31, 4:24pm) *heart pounds fast talking to you* Oh wow your sexy with the knife in hand. Or since your a mage you could shrink me tiny like ant sized and take off your shoe and squish me under your sock? Maybe make me smell it a bit :P. Now that's very evil ^^ [b]Koncept[/b] said (Jan 31, 4:22pm) i feel like killin sumthing *evil look towards u with knife in hand * [b]Friend[/b] said (Jan 31, 4:21pm) Nothing before I messaged you hehe ^_^; [b]Koncept[/b] said (