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General Updates

ijl15.dll not found hi guys a few days ago my maple been acting up. i start maple from steam and durring 1st load out, It crashes and says "disconnected from login". im fine with this as it happens all the time. but after that i launch it again and i get to the Server select screen and this is my problem, when i click a world (windia) it says "haveing problems logging in, try launching then game from the maplestory website (insert MS home page here). no matter howmany time i click a ch i says the same thing. so i Try Launching it from the site and it give me ijl15.dll is Not located please reinstall MS and try again. i think to myself that not possable. so i go through my computer to were maple is and i HAVE the file.? i can

General Updates

quotDisconnected from loginquot lauching from Steam ive been getting the error way too often now after kanna's patch. i would normally get it like once before i can log in but get "having trouble loggin in. please log in through the website". then i gotta re log and it works. but now i get the disconnected from login every time i launch from steam. and when i launch from the web page i get "no host found" im not banned because if i use Gamelauncher it works (first time everytime). any one else has the problem with Steam?