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Any Kaisers in Gazed? Hello everyone! I recently decided to start a Kaiser due to color change coupons being back (completely stupid reason, I know :3), but I'm finding I am really enjoying it. Was wondering if any Kaisers in GAZED would like to maybe show me the ropes I guess. I've decided that if I fall in love with 4th job (which seems absolutely amazing) I may decide to fund it. I also need people to talk to too..... #loner4dayz :~( Any tips you guys have I would really appreciate. Thank you :D

General Beasttamer

What changes would you like to see for Beast Tamer? Wow. This is a rare section to see a new thread in. :~( Anyway, with the anniversary coming up very soon, I have a sneaking suspicion that Beast Tamer will be released for creation again. On to the main point of the thread. Nexon has supposedly been working on Beast Tamer, and that is the cause for its long absence. I get the feeling that lots of changes will be made to the class as a result. I really feel like the class was rushed. We had only just seen it was announced and what felt like a few weeks later it was released. Even though I REALLY adore the class, there are obvious problems with it that should have been more well designed. If I could change one thing about the class, it would

General Hayato

Hayato Skill Changes Edit: Seems like the link is down? Guess it must have a been a terrible April Fools Prank alll along... >.< First off I would like to say that this information was taken from a similar forum in the Kanna section. Like the original poster said, take these with a grain of salt as it was posted on April Fools.. Like the other forum poster said, nothing has been posted on the official JMS yet. Do count it as a troll post yet, but like I said before, take these with a grain of salt. The notes seem very elaborate however as it includes enemy information and new level 170 weapon information. I cant read Japanese either so if anyone can, and would like to inform us about changes, please do so! :D This information is from

General Mage

Evan or Blaze Wizard? Hello Basil! First of all, please don't kill me for making one of these threads :3 Anyway i'm currently torn on what to use my last character slot on... Evans and Blaze Wizards have always seemed like very unique classes to me so I decided to create one. Question is though, which one? I feel as though training on Blaze Wizard would go much more quickly, but apparently there are some lag issues with orbital flame? Evan's though feel very unique and very different from most classes Maple has to offer. The dragon is a big plus, but I feel as though they level somewhat slowly. Any suggestions? Bossing capabilities are not as important as both boss very efficiently from the videos I've seen. I'd love to hear some personal o

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