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Psa Mist decreases delay between fire wall hits I've noticed this for a while but haven't thought to share it until now. When you place a mist cloud and use Paralyze against large groups of enemies, Ignite's fire wall seems to hit more frequently. Try this: Go into DI, clear the first stage with Paralyze alone. Exit. Go into DI, place a mist cloud where the monsters spawn on the first stage then start spamming Paralyze. For me, the difference is quite clear; with mist I get a bunch of extra damage numbers and significant FPS drops, and I'm done with the stage approximately 4 seconds earlier. Have any of you experienced this phenomenon? I've always thought Ignite behaved a little inconsistently. Sometimes it hits a lot and eats a bunch of FP

General Firepoisonarchmage

Inner Abilities for F/p Hey guys. I'm grinding my honor level up and hope to get 60 before the end of this Azwan bonus event. That said, I have a few questions about inner abilities. [*] Does [b]Additional Damage on Targets with Abnormal Status[/b] apply to poisoned/burning monsters, and does it stack with the effects of Burning Magic? The reason I'm asking this is because the description specifically states "stun, blindness, and freeze status," but MapleStory's description text is often wrong. [*] Does the +1 attack speed IA apply to cast time? [*] Are there any IAs that are exceptionally good for F/P mages that other classes don't benefit from? Thanks.