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Assaulter is returning THE HYPE IS REAL With 5th job released, Nexon has finally listened to our prayers. Assaulter is making a return. What kind of a return? Hopefully an updated version that functions like the old version (when we first got SP) and has improved animations! H Y P E Y P E Also, if anyone finds a video showcasing our changes, linking it would be appreciative! Edit: Just realized the "Hi-Five" Showcase video shows demonstration of it: Seems really teleporty which is great I guess! New animation looks sick aswell!

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KMS v1.2.254 Shadower skill changes - Meso Explosion So I'm looking over the changes made to Shadowers in KMS and realize that Max now states that Meso Explosion can be casted while other skills are being used. "Meso Explosion: damage has been decreased from 102% per coin to 100% per coin, maximum number of coins used has been decreased from 25 to 15, damage will now be increased by 30% for every 5 coins you use, [b]cast action and cooldown have been removed[/b], can now only be used with coins dropped by Pickpocket, [b]can now be used in the air[/b] [b]NOTE: the Maple Info Center video says that you can now use this skill while using other skills (not mentioned in the patch notes)[/b]" Link to Orange Mushroom's post: [url=http://

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Easier to stay in psuedo-stance! Did you guys notice that when using the first part of Assassinate, that you are now able to see your stance go to 100% on the stat screen? What's more is that before the update, moving too much after activating psuedo-stance, you'd lose it, but now you are able to move freely about the map with the psuedo-stance active! This means we can essentially have 100% stance up at all time by refreshing the first hit of Assassinate every 30 seconds. This was particularly useful while training in Reboot in MPE where some of the maps are kind of laid out with multiple platforms. Best patch. Who needs Mihile's link skill anyways?

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In regards to dagger attacking speeds So I'm pretty ignorant on the topic of attack speeds for daggers and what is most optimal. Right now I currently have a Fafnir which is fast(4). Now I know using booster will give me - 2 attacking speed and will bring me to the cap of fast(2). Using a Green MPE potion will then break that cap and bring me to fast(1). Now my question is, what if I have the +1 attack speed IA (which I do). Does this affect the order in which I have to activate the MPE for optimal effect? Also, if I were to obtain Decent SI, would that benefit me in any way (I've heard there is a hard cap of fast(0))? If so, could someone please tell me the order in which I should buff/activate the MPE potion. I've seen older threads befor

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Mother 4 - Gameplay Teaser Released As some as you may know, the fan-made project, Mother 4, has been in development for quite some time now. Recently, they've released a new trailer, check it out! [url][/url] Everything looks so polished and holds true to the Mother 3 art style. I'm glad they kept the music combo mechanism, I loved experimenting with it. I also love the aspect of interacting with enemies mid-battle to stall their attacks! It's slated for a summer release, so hopefully they'll keep true to their word and release it by then. I'm very hyped for this! Is anyone else? The team put in a lot of dedication for this one.

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Attack Potions and Karma Post Red So I'm reading the update notes for Shadowers in RED and I can't help but notice the vague description of the "new" Karma: "Karma: attack boost will now stack with other skills" Does this also imply that we can finally stack attack potions with Karma? I already know of a few that already stack (ex. Monster Park's Extreme Red Potion), but perhaps we will be able to use Onyx Apples and Karma together? The +30 attack would help greatly. If anyone who has played a Shadower first-hand in KMS after RED can confirm this, this would really benefit many of us.


Chairs should need more purpose Are you tired of seeing chairs as just being a decoration rather than a useful item to own? Their miniscule amount of HP/MP regen are often ignored as most users just focus on their looks. What if Nexon were to "revamp" chairs so that they gave actual [b]useful[/b] buffs for sitting on them for a period of time. For example, take the common Relaxer chair you get when you make an adventurer. What if they gave it an attribute that gave the person who sat it in for a set period of time (say 5 mins) a +100hp/mp for an hour or something. Other chairs would get a +%Exp, +atk/matk, etc. Depending on what their "theme" is. A boss chair, for example (HT,Zakum, PB), would give maybe +10% boss damage

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PC on 132137 with pot attack nisrock I'm trying to sell my bowmaster's old Nisrock. The stats are: 132 attack, 0 slots, hammered twice, enhanced twice, 3L rare, (crap, crap, +5attack[making it 137 attack in total]). I'm guessing it's around the 1b zone in terms of pricing but I'm not 100% sure so could I please get a P/C? Thanks in advance. Edit: Sorry about the misleading title there were supposed to be parentheses around "137 with pot". Could a mod please change it? :D

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