Lecarde #Mage Talk

General Mage

Should I delete my I/l and make a bishop? I made my I/L mage pre RED and got it to lvl 130. But RED kind of ruined it for me, I think the new skills look cheesy as hell and the class just doesn't feel the same. I've just been letting him sit on my account though so I could still have the 3 explorer card set effect, whatever the hell it is. I've been wondering, should I get rid of him and make a bishop? I'm not looking for damage, but I do think that post RED their playstyle would be more fun. I guess the only question I have is should I pay for the job change or just make a new character. He doesn't have anything valuable or untradeable on him. The only thing he has for him is a unique IA but I still think I should save the money and make a