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A Bit of Basilmarket History [header]Preface[/header] [b]Warning[/b]Lot of text, this is nothing but nostalgic circlejerk. move on if you're not inclined. [b]tldr[/b] found this thread on my old computer, moving stuff from it to my new one & just wanted to share this Hi Hi Basilers, some of you have probably been around for ages and some of you are pretty new so I wanted to give you a bit of outdated history on Basilmarket so I found this thread on my old computer and decided to blow off the dust on an old thread called [b]Past and Present Basilers that shouldn't be forgotten[/b] I had saved with some light editing/censoring credits *clears throat* This is not my best effort, I have probably missed some vital names, try not to sue me. C

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