General Cannoneer

Cannoneer Empress V2 Solo *Edited* Added V2 Post-hypers now for anyone who's still interested.*** So I haven't found a video of any GMS Cannoneer successfully solo Empress Instructors V2, and i can only find ONE. ONE video if a cannoneer doing it pre-hypers, but he was in KMS. I thought, "Hmm, maybe I should post one." Wallah~ [url=]Cannoneer Empress Solo V2 (Pre-Hypers)[/url] Some notes about this: -I did use the potion pot (Cash shop item) to heal through the pot-cooldown inside empress. [Very highly suggested item to have when doing empress on a class that can't restore HP upon damage/hits.] -I was using Resistance Potion [30%+ resistance to abnormal status] and Superior Fortitude Potio