Forced Pic Change So I sent an email to nexon yesterday and got a reply today regarding a few ingame bugs I've had one with an item that says untradeable and trade disabled when equipped at the same time after being scissored anywho my question is do GM's log into account to verify? Why I ask is cause after I got the email and in the 7+ years I've played this has never happened to me but it forced me to change my PIC on the character select screen and when I logged in I got the message that said I was trade blocked for 15 mins because someone logged in from a dif IP. This worries me and raises red flags as to hackers but yet nothing is missing and I have a lot of valuable things that are tradeable on my char and in stash tons of no booms an


Legendary Inner Ability Reset Question So this is my inner ability at the moment: I'm keeping the crit but dumping the other 2 most likely I saved up a bit of points so I'm wondering what I should try to roll like +1 speed, att, boss, dmg? Pdr would be nice but I am not sure what can roll now. Not even sure about that last line additional damage is that just saying its doing like 2k extra damage or is it like adding somehow to range? I'm thinking though if possible to keep the crit and try for like speed and something else hopefully good.

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