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Returning stuff on Amazon So, basically, I bought 2 things for my dad (the item and it's "add-on") But now, the thing he bought came with the "add-on" and so now he doesn't need the extra. Is there a way I can get a free return on this? I've never had experience returning anything, and I got free shipping with Prime. BTW I said "add-on" with the quotation marks because it is an add-on but doesn't count as one. Thought it would be kinda confusing.

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Help with my anger issues? I can't stop the violent thoughts I get when I get angry. It's like there's anger building inside of me and I can't resist the urge to break or hit something. Fortunately, I haven't done anything like it (from what I can remember). But I feel this issue is going to give me serious problems in the future, like actually hurting someone in public and going to jail for it. Right now, I normally just hold it in, but I know it's not going to work someday. Tips?

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I need help with typing So, according to my parents, many people type with all (or most) of the fingers. I type with only 2-3 fingers. The problem with learning right now is 1. I now have a habit to type with only 2-3 fingers, so it's gonna be hard to break that 2. I don't really have 2-3 hours to sit down and practice typing. So I need a fast way to learn it. Since I guess that's really inefficient, does anyone know a way that I can learn to type "the right way"? Online resources? Because I don't know if I'm actually doing the right thing or the wrong thing. I mean, I've been typing this way since 5th grade.

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How do you beat Mewtwo? Before you go on, I'm not talking about in-game, but in a "competitive" way. (I use quotes, because I'm battling my cousin who somewhat knows how to use Mewtwo. But both of us are not considered competitive.) The moves I know he has so far. (No held item btw) Recover Psystrike Aura Sphere ? (Sorry, he uses those three moves more) How do I beat his Mewtwo as fast as possible? (Assume he never did EV training) EDIT: I'm facepalming myself as I pressed submit too fast and forgot to put it in the nintendo section. I apologize.

General Tech

Problems with managing playlists on iTunes I have 3 playlists currently on my iphone, with lots of music inside. However, when I sync on iTunes, nothing shows up. In addition, I have a bunch of empty playlists that I cannot delete for unknown reasons. Usually, there would be a delete button. But when I opened the empty playlist, it just says "No Content: You can download music from the iTunes Store" and that's it. I tried deleting playlist via iTunes, but it's also not letting me delete them. If all else fails, I may just delete everything and start over. But I want to see if there's a better solution. Thanks in advance, everyone.

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For those who finished Hs with a decent Gpa What college do you go to right now (or about to go)? By decent, I mean 3.5 or lower GPA. I'm kinda worried. I'm a incoming junior in high school and I don't have a 5.0 GPA with a variety of extracurricular activities. Furthermore, I'm not a genius nor gifted. I like to go to a good college and not just a community college, but it doesn't seem possible for me. I know I still have a couple of years to go, but I would like to know, just for fun.

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