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can item locked weapons become soul weapons? hello. Im gonna be playing shade on the release, but I have come to this question. can item locked weapons become soul weapons? I got my knuckle, scrolled, cubed and then locked it (with the cash shop locks ofc) because I recently got hacked and Im quite paranoid about it, so everything valuable that I own is always locked. the knuckle is gonna be locked for a little while and Im clueless about this kind of details, but Id like to benefit from it asap (to get the 10 att boost and the soul's effect). did anyone attempt to do this? Im 99% sure it cant be done but wont hurt to ask I guess.

General Shade

Shade / Eunwol secondary weapons arent in Basils database hello. ever since the latest patch (v1.5) came around Shade / Eunwol secondary weapons were added to the game, and they can be bought from secondary weapon shops. at least they can be bought from sleepywood's npc, the only one Ive checked. I got one to unique a few days ago ([url=]picture[/url]) and I wish to sell it but Ive been having trouble to do so, mainly because I cant keep a shop up in the fm all day long, so I wanted to use basil's auctions system to try and sell it. it turns out they havent been added it to their database though, so I ran out of luck for the time being. its reasonable due to the fact that the class isnt out yet and it wasnt mad

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Messaging glitch since the latest unscheduled maintenance Ever since the latest unscheduled maintenance (2 days ago), every time I log in or change channels, my messages won't appear until I've entered 3~4 messages. Everything seems to be normal after I've done that. I know it's not a big deal, but it gets annoying. Does anyone know what's causing this? Is anyone else dealing with the same issue? [url=]Here's[/url] a video that shows how it happens.

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