General Art

One little request Since I've practically quit this game, I thought it'd be nice if I had something to look back on, because this game was literally my childhood. I won't rant on about how fun it was and the people I met or whatever, and since I'm not coming back, I have one request. If anyone could draw my character for me, I would love that. It doesn't have to be spectacular or stunning beyond belief, I just want to see what my character would look like in a drawing, since my mapler has never been drawn before. Thanks.

General Nintendo

Mewtwo and Lucario Why do people think these two are clones of each other? Aside from their neutral B's, they play COMPLETELY different. I see people arguing everywhere about this, and this just shows that they should do a bit more research. Also, random fact, but did you know Mewtwo and Roy were almost going to get in Brawl? With the most finished data, too. But, due to time constraints, they couldn't make it along with some other characters. Basically, Lucario and Mewtwo are [b]not[/b] clones of each other. That's why I believe Mewtwo has a chance to come into SSB4.

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