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Luscious's First Fashion Corner Contest! Hello my fellow folks, here I am with my contest. *fangirl scream* [b]IMPORTANT (PLEASE READ):[/b] If you weren't in the [url=]list of contestants in this thread[/url], then you are not in this contest. Your avatars will not be qualified for this contest. [header]Leader Boards[/header] 1. : 17.7 points 2. : 17.1 points - submitted 3. : 15.7 points 4. : 15.6 points 5. : 15.6 points 6. : 15.4 points 7. : 14.6 points 8. : 14.4 points 9. : 14.3 points 10. : 12.7 points 11. : 11.6 points 12. : 11.3 points [header]Judges[/header] : : : : [header]Rules *updated*[/header] [b]For each rule you do not follow, I will deduct 3 p

General Fashion

Luscious Recruiting Judges/Contestants! [b]READ THIS (IMPORTANT): I can postpone this thread to another time if one of the judges from kknnbui's contest are willing to take the role as the host for her contest.[/b] Well, it's Summer and I have a load of free time on my hands, why not make a contest? This contest's layout will look a lot like [url=]megaf6's[/url] and [url=]iced's[/url] contest by the way (I hope they don't mind :)). Credits go to both and . This contest will consist of several themes/rounds like always and will have rules that are almost identical to both megaf6's and iced's contest. So it's pretty much my own edition/resurrection of their cont

General Chat

my brother ruined portal 2 for me :( after watching some movie for a good 2 hours, i decided to play some portal 2 since i never finished it (needed a few more levels until i finish the game). so then i go to my room, and there, i saw my brother beating the game, portal 2. i got so furious i ran to the console and turned it off. seriously what the hell man. i worked my ass off for the money to earn this game and my brother decides to ruin it for me. the reason why i'm posting this on basil is because i have no one else to talk to. me and my brother have been in an argument and we haven't talked to each other for around 3 years. oh and one more thing, the game [i]autosaves[/i] so i can't go back (or could i?)

General Art

luscious's doodling thread yay so yeah mangs, here are some examples of my previous 5-20minute doodles from my other doodling threads yayyy! 1 1 [url=]inferno[/url] [url=]mochalatte[/url] [url=]duskclops[/url] [url=]scotty[/url] [url=]abnotsu[/url] [url=]ramunesun[/url] [url=]narcissus[/url] [

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