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Can Not log into Scania for over a year now I have not been able to log into Scania on my main account for over a year now. I have asked people and make ticket after ticket and it seems nobody has been able to help me. Whenever I run Maple on ANY computer and I try to log into Scania on my main account, maplestory will crash after selecting a channel at channel selection screen. When I go onto a different account Scania will load just fine. I have come to the conclusion that something is wrong with a character in Scania on my account because maybe some glitch occurred and maplestory can't load the selection screen so it crashes. I don't get an error when it crashes though.... Please help me, I am dying here...

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Gaming Laptop Options? I'm looking for a decent gaming laptop that won't cost me more than $1,500 and I've been to stores like Sony and best buy but they just don't have anything with quality. I looked at this one: but then it has issues of its own, such as no back-lit keyboard. I've been thinking of getting a Asus because they seem to make pretty good ones, my only concern is how bulky they may be because I'm looking for a 16-17". Any suggestions would be appreciated Thank you.

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