The New Dialogue From Icebyrd Slimm Am I late, or am I one of the few that have noticed the other dialogue Icebyrd Slimm gave? It sounds really interesting to me. :D It was about a beast with so many arms and stuff, and Subani was mentioned in it also. At the end, Icebyrd told me to "relax for the time being." Does this mean new content? Or am I just being really stupid? LOL O_O *Edit I've tried to get the quest on my brother's character, but I have failed to receive it. So, I have no proof any of what I've seen was real. :/ *Edit#2 So it's been solved to why my brother didn't get it, thanks to the first poster on the fourth page <3 But now I'm REALLY curious about whether we'll get new content or not! :O!