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Extremely good spot to spam demon cry, lvl 100-140 Ludibrium: Toy Factory <Apparatus Room>, go down 1 floor and then go all the way to the right. Demon cry hits every platform in the relatively small map if you stand in the middle, and it has great spawn. I'm level 135 right now, and I get 0.30% every time i use cry. Dunno if this is common knowledge or anything, but I was leveling my demon slayer and just wanted to put it out there, since googling "demon cry spots" didn't give me very many results. :p


Good bossing class? Hey everyone, I've only recently begun to play Maple again after a somewhat long break -- long enough for a lot of things to become unrecognizable to me, anyways. I had stopped playing seriously back when CRA stuff was worth billions clean, and have found my leftover equipment to be a bit mediocre, to say the least. I'm looking for a class that can boss relatively well without having to be insanely funded. Some of you are likely going to say that I shouldn't care about damage, that I should play whatever I find fun; seeing as my three mains consist of Aran, Cannoneer, and Thunder Breaker, it should be obvious that I've had enough of that for now. :( Anyways, I'm considering Zero, Xenon, and Shade, but that's just based o


What do you think is a problem with Maplestory And how do you propose it be fixed? Is there anything you think Maple does well? If you were in charge of how things ran, what would you have done different in respect to some of the major changes and additions to Maplestory itself, as well as how the events are run? For example, it's impossible to remove the potential system now -- but how would you change it from the current system, if you had to implement it again? It's no secret that Maplestory is a very flawed game, but at the same time, there's something about it that makes people come back -- something more than just being purely addictive, anyways. ...I don't think I'm going to get many serious/thoughtful answers here, but I'd still lik


Maplestorys gone downhill Hi, another rant about maple, which I'm assuming is fairly common nowadays. I already quit a while back, but I stll get back on every once in a while to see if my dislike of current maple has changed, and so far it hasn't, which is a shame. It was actually a decent game for a while, even with all the money making by Nexon running, since they could be ignored and the game wouldn't have felt too different. I really love a lot of the new content (areas, classes, equips), but the game has become far too money-centric for it to feel fun. I'm somewhat concerned that this game might actually be dying, and it irks me quite a lot to see it go this way. I still goon every once in a while to explore the new stuff and play the


If you had an android that could help out in combat How would you want it to act? e.g. Android automatically attacks other monsters nearby vs Android takes out things you've started attacking, etc. Would you rather the android stay close and follow you at all times, or stay to finish killing a monster it's targeted? Also, would the android have health & have its own level, requiring you to equip it with potions and stuff, or would its combat ability be based off your own stats? I'm asking this because I'm programming a platform rpg like Maple and am trying to determine what a good ai-controlled ally would look like. Thanks for commenting :D If you have any other input that'd be great

General Anime

This potentially awesome anime being funded by kickstarter [url=]Thanks :>[/url] From what I can see, the animation is REALLY high quality, and it has an almost legendary staff. Problem is, it's got 6 days to make its yet to be reached goal, and I really want to see it happen :< I didn't even hear about this until halfway through its promotion period, so I'm guessing many others haven't heard about it either. Please spread the word about it :~( Watch the promo for yourself, a high quality kickstarter-funded anime would be really awesome.

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