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beware MachineF12 of windia Today MachineF12 of Windia has scammed me on a tyrant pirate belt 5 stars. I just want to let everyone know MachineF12 is NOT trustworthy, and to watch out for the guilds mentioned in his vouchers since they probably aren't trustworthy as well,jNKmDRB,xy3wcOk,JE7RFcu,PMxKob8,fsnIfyu,IVxTD7R,hFx7pgE,C7ebQnB,r741Gpf,NVBQvxi,ztYerl1,LU2y3T5,bLfjliD,BsahWxc#1 Details Agreed upon price was 100k nx Kyperial and MachineF12 logged off immediately after Code was already redeemed he tried scamming a superior lid heart off me too he asked for a potential scroll too and i did it for him which is why near the end i say "Ill cancel the trade" Now if you'll excuse me i'm going to cry in a corner now

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Over the garden wall discussion (SPOILERS) What did you guys think of the ending? About the beast's true form? About the creepy skeletons and the pumpkin cat god, the beast had to me my favorite character I loved Wurt and Beatrice but everyone was just so afraid of the Beast and for good reason. He tricks into thinking you saved someone you loved's soul and puts in the lantern but the truth is it's his soul and you need to chop down the adelaid tree's that were born from people who "gave up" and lost their way. The characters were all so enjoyable ( and a bit terrifying) especially Wurt's character development from heartbroken kid with not a shred of self-esteem to full blown pimp who outsmarts the beast I especially liked how you

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