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General Buccaneer

How should I fund myself? Hey guys. So I currently am trying to fund my Bucc. I currently have: Random 3L legendary overall that will be cubed to a nice % str (was a 100 tier upgrade one) Clean empress hat, boots, gloves, and overall 6% str tempest pendant/ring/shoulder/belt 6% str earrings Normal ABR Random decentish weapon outclassed by clean empress wep I can spend maybe 5b at the VERY MOST, in which I will have to go make money somehow. (Wont be making more than this) But I am hoping ill only need to spend about 3b (less time needed to make the money) What kind of range could I be looking at, and how many % str might I have? Would I be able to clear ranked dojo? And what should I upgrade first and replace with? Thanks!