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Boarding School, tips? Well I'm starting a boarding high school soon as a freshman at Bay Area in California. This is my very first time leaving my family, so I am somewhat nervous for boarding school. Could anyone give me tips for what I should do to make my life better there? Any help is appreciated :). I'm leaving on September 1st, I'm prepared physically, however; my mind is a mess at the moment, I'm really worried. Yeah and again, any tips that can make my life better there would help me a lot. Thank you :D

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How do you people decide Your future college? Title, I came back from my sister's school in Rhode Island yesterday after a 2 hour speech, and they were talking about how to choose the "right" college for the student. I fell asleep in the middle of the speech (nothing to do with me YET), by sister told me that 2 hours speech was unnecessary. She told me choosing college to apply is easy as ABC, doesn't require all the steps. So, how do YOU basiler choose your college to apply?

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what should I do? Recently, I know this girl as a friend about ~2 years now? We've been good friends, we hang out at breaks and we eat together at lunch with bunch of friends. However, recently (approx. 2 weeks ago?) she started idk.. trying to be closer with me? She would tell me what's on her mind (she normally wouldn't tell me), what she feel about me and asking me how I feel about her. Also, she would hug me after school like whenever we meet each other. Is not like I don't like it, but these happened so suddenly. If you were me, what would you do?

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