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Demon Slayer Range Thread Thread is simple, state your damage range (unbuffed and buffed). [header]Rules[/header] *ONLY use your own buff, don't cheat with potion/party buff :-) *State %str and total str if possible *State your level *State your world ---------------------------- [header]Example[/header] * NotMyGear, Level 181, Bera, [url=]Unbuffed[/url], [url=]Buffed[/url], [b]54% Str, 2006 total[/b] Simple as that! Feel Free to show off some of your equipments!

General Demonslayer

Refunding help, dont know prices Hi all, I've decided to hop back to my DS, and I really haven't been on maple much the past month or 2. So I'd like some prices help 1) What are the current prices for CRA Helm, Pants, Top in Bera? as well as CRA 1h axe. 2) How much would a +8'd 1h axe cost? Assuming no potential. 3) I +5'd a dagger and katara before +8 came out...can I get a price check on them? Fafnir Damascus- 230 ATT (+5'd, 4 enhance). 3l legend- 12%total damage, 30%boss, 30%pdr Fafnir Rapid Edge- 146 ATT (+5'd, it was above avg). 3l legend- 40%boss, 9%str, 30%pdr, 6 ATT bonus pot Thanks!