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Did they de-optimize the client or something? I lag in places I never had trouble with before Including the FM. What did they do to this client;; Edit: I should have said FPS drops, rather than lag. I have no latency issues I see no difference in the amount of people in the FM. I know almost everyone has low FPS in the Event Area, but I've noticed other problems with the client as well. Lower FPS in the FM, after logging in or AFK for a while, using a skill will freeze my game for a short while, almost as if it "unloaded" the files for the game or something. Low FPS in Rien, and a couple other normal towns I never had any trouble in.


Cmyk Anvil meetup thread Hi guys, I don't know if anyone is interested, but I know we all have stuff we want to anvil, and it can be a pain to get everything done before the sales end or whatever other obstacles that may arise. I figured I'd make a server alliance thread so we can convene here and hopefully get some anvils done. ----- I personally don't have anything special, except a dragon khanjar (shield), and travellers wing glasses (eye acc) What I'm looking to get anviled though is an xbow for my sniper, trying to get the 123 Toy Machine gun Crossbow anviled onto my snipers maple Crossbow. I don't have anything as far as collateral goes, but I figured we can all figure it out individually for each persons anvil situation. -----

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Small Convenience Suggestion for Basil Hi, Not sure if this is the right section to post this, but I figured I would make a suggestion for whomever is in charge of changing the webpages. I thought it would be a small but nice increase in convenience if you put an "Update Character" button in the BasilID player list. This way, instead of having to click edit, go to another page and click Update X. Or, there could be an Update All My Characters button for people who don't mind having all characters update.

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