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How fine are the fine bros Lastest video. the comments are priceless, Anyway this happened like 5 days ago (late i know) apparently They tried to Trade mark the word "react" and so they would own all react videos and people would be charged 30% of what they make if they had "react" in their video. Apparently all they had to say was "sorry" some even say it wasnt even like that, some say their response was "You don't understand" All in all their apology isn't even on their main channel so its not even viable. ._. I hope this channel becomes another federator and just flop. What do you think about this predicament. Tbh im not even a subscriber to their channel.(never was) I just liked watching the video


Is it worth it? So about 3 days ago in reboot, I recently got a white angelic blessing recipe from ht and i was just thinking "wow what do I do with this"? I know its not better than potential rings but its still a good ring so I was like "cant hurt to make this." but hey after I got my accessory crafting to lvl 10 i found out that you NEEEEED a FowKING DABR RECIPE IN REBOOT D:<<<<<<<<< !?!!?!? are you kidding me? DO you know how rare these piece of garbage recipes are?!?!? what are the even chances of coming across a dabr recipe. LF> trade a day. anyway is it worth farming for the materials for the DABR recipe? I saw a smega of it once. ONCE THOUGH i swear. smh.

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Xenoblade x ending opinion thread Just opinions no spoilers related to the plot, to me it felt super rushed, even the final boss felt underwhelming. The main storyline is roughly 40hours long(which is pretty short compared to xenoblade chronicles)Plus after finishing it the game just turns into a huge grind. ._. I mean i enjoyed the plot at the beginning but the ending adding so much stuff to the plot at the end of the game felt unnecessary. And top of all this we have no idea how long were going to have to wait for maybe an expansion or dlc(or highly a sequel). Its so aggrovating.

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