Old Ms Wedding vs New Ms Wedding So I got married to my real life fiancee' in Maplestory, she wasn't interested in Maplestory but I was at the time and I married her under it (she actually was active when we did get married back in 2010). So I noticed today (I haven't played since 2011) and looked up here to verify that the wedding ring effects were removed, but I was also wondering if there are any other differences before and after the Wedding Updates? Do I have to get married under the new system again to make it official?

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Ascension FirePoison Skill Build Results [header][b]Updates: [/b][/header] [b]Edit: These aren't in any particular order other than the order it is in the game.[/b] [b]Edit 2: [/b][url=]IImaplers's The Post-Jump FP Skill Distribution Guide[/url] [b][i]Check it out, reference 4th Job Skill Build.[/i][/b] [b]Edit 3: Posted 1st and 2nd Job Builds, Level by level![/b] Hello, I'm new at making Skill Builds on basil but I started since 2005. Never released any of my build to the public before nor know of the template of how to release one on Basilmarket. From the research of skills for [b]Ascension[/b] I came to these conclusions. [header][b]Intro. to Magic - Ascension Build[/b][/header] [b][i]Level 8 to 3

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