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Recube my Bow or no Should I use a Premium Cube on this bow and hope for 3 lines? Dark Nisrock: 140 Weapon attack, Speed +11, Hammered Twice, 1 Enhancement Star with Potential of 3% Total Damage, with +5 Int Reason I asked because I used about 40 Miracle Cubes on my red Mantle, it started with +5 All Stats, +22 Avoid... After a round of 40 cubes in total, I never once landed on 3% Dex, and end result I ended up where I started +5 All Stats, +22 Avoid.. not only that, but I found 3% Dex Red Mantle right after my final cube just to buy that for 10,000,000.. Edit: After I Premium Cubed it two times, it became 3 lined! 2 regular cube and now its 3% Total Damage, 3% All Stat and lvl 2 stun. One time it was 6% Int, 3% Magic, +5 Int LOL Edit2: It


Old Ms Wedding vs New Ms Wedding So I got married to my real life fiancee' in Maplestory, she wasn't interested in Maplestory but I was at the time and I married her under it (she actually was active when we did get married back in 2010). So I noticed today (I haven't played since 2011) and looked up here to verify that the wedding ring effects were removed, but I was also wondering if there are any other differences before and after the Wedding Updates? Do I have to get married under the new system again to make it official?

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