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Zero and Dellos midway check Hello Basilmarket, So I'm currently farming my traits up on my Zero and using Dello to do so through his "midway check" quests. I know that you can only do his "midway check" quest once for Mining and Herbalism since you cannot reset those professions. As for Accessory Crafting, Alchemy and Smithing you can reset/unlearn the profession. What I do is farm up my profession to lvl 5 for "midway check 1" and then lvl 7 for "midway check 2", then unlearn and rinse and repeat. The problem I'm having with this is when I unlearn it and pick up the profession again, get it back to lvl 5, the quest for "midway check" doesn't pop up anymore. Does anyone know why it doesn't


iCogs and CoGs maximum attack gain? Hello Basilmarket, I just wanted to know if anyone knows what is the maximum attack "Incredible Chaos Scroll of Goodness" and "Chaos Scroll of Goodness" can gain on an item? I've tried searching other forums and the answers vary from being +5, +7, +10 and even +20 <--- O.o Also, on the cash shop 2x exp coupons its states "This item is only for purchase if you are level 200 or below", I can still use it at lvl 200 right? I just wanted some clarification since I've heard people saying that they accidentally leveled up to 200 so I thought they didn't want to because then they can't use the coupon (figured they may want to get better equips and then purchase a 1day coupon and

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Maple shuts down after using a skill. Hello, I seem to be having a problem with my Dawn Warrior which I'm getting ready for the revamp since its been sitting there for around 2 years..my problem is that whenever i use either "Brandish" or "Intrepid Slash", my Maple client would just completely close down as if i hit the close button. This doesn't happen to any other skills on my other characters just these 2 specifically, does anyone know the reason why? Thank you in advance.

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