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P/c on a disguised ele staff? First of all, I'm sorry for making a p/c thread even though there's loads of 'em on in the mage forum. Well anyway, this is [url=http://i50.tinypic.com/15z02ad.png]my staff[/url] that I've been using for years. (horridly scrolled I know and yes, it's an ele staff 1 disguised as an evil wings staff.) Mainly I'd just like to know a rough range of how much this thing might be worth. I've tried asking guild and alliance members but some people said it's like 300m~700m because of how it's scrolled while others say it's like 2.5b~3.9b for the pot but that sounds a bit too high to me.

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Advice on upgrading? So uh, I've been sitting around on 34k range (low, I know :I ) and I've been considering of finally upgrading my weapon, after so many years of using the same ol' thing (from since pre BB). This is [url=http://i50.tinypic.com/15z02ad.png]my staff[/url] I've been stuck with, since I've barely could afford anything better much for a long time. (I'm not a hardcore nor active mercher at all) As of now, I have about 690m (process of collecting some more funds) On top of that, I have a few decent scrolls to work with such as a few clean slates, epic pot scroll, a 20% scroll (will get more later on), and wizard scrolls (scrolls that were given out in Asenscion. They are 60% that give +3 matk, + 3 int...you know, if it's even w

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Should Mist Eruption be able to defy the damage cap? Before you think "OMG SO OP", hear me out: Well obviously this idea comes from the sheer fact that Angelic Buster, or whatever that thing is called, has high powered moves with a much higher damage. Now before you say "Oh then all classes should have a new damage cap", here's the thing: Angelic whatever has the damage cap break because basically it's the concept of having to "recharge" in order to even use these high powered, flashy as f- moves, which each have cooldowns. Now look at F/P's Mist Eruption: It's a high powered move that has a cooldown. Sounds familiar, right? I mean, lots of other classes and job have some sort of strong move that has a cooldown

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Err, price check? Hi, sorry for making a price check thread, I can see exactly how many of them are around in the pirate forum lately :/ I didn't really wanna make a thread but when I asked my guild for a price check, everyone said completely different answers/ begged me for it. :I Anyway, I'm just wondering how much would this knuckle roughly be worth? And also, since it's my current knuckle, should I shoot for an empress knuckle right away, or stick with this knuckle for a bit? (I'm not totally sure if empress knuckles skyrocketed so that's why I'm wondering if I should wait)

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Just a random thought about Mages [b]Note: Don't take this seriously, I was just bored! [/b] So here I am, one day playing on my f/p doing whatever an f/p mage does when a random thought hit me. Now, before I say anything else, let's just look at mages in general: They are wielders of the mystical arts who use magic attack to fight (because weapon attack is so mainstream). They wield staffs or wands in order to shoot lightning or arrows of light out of it or even balls of fire with faces on them; bar the battlemage who simply enjoys beating things with their staff that is charged with magical energy or the Evan mage who uses it to command a dragon to do their bidding. But wielding staffs/wands alone isn't what makes mages but rather because