Good bossing character? I love my Pally. Recently, I was starting to become interested in bossing so I could actually, you know, make lots of mesarz. But with the nerf this patch, it became a lot harder to boss. I'm still going to play my Pally, but I need a character who's a good bosser. I'm not rich, however, I DO have clean, unequipped, poted warrior CRA gear (the hat is scrolled a bit), 1b, and some pretty good NX equips that I can sell. I've heard that DA, Zero and F/P are pretty good, but I've also heard that: -DAs get harder to increase range later on because of lack of really good %HP equips on the market, so you'll have to make everything yourself -Zeros move around a lot so it's hard to boss -I'm too used to Pally so mages will be

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How flexible are you? I always see threads about how much people lift, but I never see anything about being flexible! After taking dance for 4~5 years, I've forgotten how flexible the average person is... Sometimes I'll be doing something, and my friends will tell me "STOP DOING THAT, you're making me feel bad!" So, how flexible are you? Can you bend over and touch your toes with straight legs? Or the ground? Approximately how far can you lift your leg off the ground (in degrees)? Things like that.

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Help others get Acb [header]Welcome to the "Help others get ACB in your server" thread![/header] Since the [url=]original thread[/url] made by was locked. (Please take a look at it if you have spare time! :)) I am sad to say that this thread no longer has any purpose... In ye olde days, we used to have to get this annoying thing called a skillbook, but since the coming of RED, we have been blessed with having all our skills upon advancement. So there will be no more long, hard days, struggling without ACB... Countless Zakum, Hilla, and Root Abyss runs were done, but to no avail... -slow tear falls down cheek as she looks into the distance- Then finally, the light appears; the cursed boss dec

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Help with potential friend issues EDIT: I edited the names. The first comments will be confusing to other people, so Z is Martha, K is Rose, and M is Donna. First of all, I am sure that there is at least 1 person who plays Maplestory from my school, so I'm not going to use any of their real names. So keep in mind when you see the names "Rose," "Martha," and "Donna," that I don't conveniently have friends who have the same names as the Doctor's companions. Sorry. Second of all, I don't think I'm going to get any serious answers because this sounds like "typical teenage drama," but I really don't know what to do, so I'm doing this anyways. So during lunch, I sit with a group of around 11 nerdy people (i

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English-speaking Jms guild I'm going to be in Japan from August 2nd (leaving on the 1st) until the 22nd, and I was thinking about playing a little JMS! Now I'm not going to be the most active person ever, due to family and friends that need to be visited (for example, I won't have access to a computer until the 4th), but I still want to try out those new cool-looking Sengoku classes. I [i]can[/i] speak and write in Japanese, but I'm not exactly sure of how to talk when chatting. (I figured out what "wwwwwww" was supposed to mean after I'd seen it for a few years) So it would be great if I could join an English-speaking guild out there that could of help me out with everything so I can make the most of my brief JMS experience! :D

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