General Beasttamer

Beast Tamer Buffs? Ever since today's maintenance, I noticed that Lil' Fort is now able to crit, just like every other summon in this game. This makes me wonder what other QoL changes they made to Beast Tamer as well as all the other non-KMS classes. I can't find anything else that's new to the class, but I did see that certain common changes (such as Maple Warrior having its cast time removed) still haven't touched BT. Edit: Oh god, 5th job completely screwed over Beast Tamer. Where do I begin... - We can't use any decent skills at all. Keeps coming up with "Switch to the correct animal mode to use this skill" whenever I try to hotkey one. Same goes for the common skills (i.e. Rope Connect). - We can't upgrade Furious Strikes. Instead, we