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Seeking a manga or oneshot I forgot about Usually I record and track everything I read. However, there was a one shot (or manga) I don't have recorded because I began it before I started recording. My memory about it is a bit hazy, but I'll try to list as much as I know. Spoilers may be listed as I am not sure of the end any more. -A girl and boy are the main characters. Other characters make a very small impact and are likely unnamed. -The boy has a bandana and a cap. I think he also has a bike. The girl and he use it together. -The boy does what the girl tells him to do. He is violent towards others when told to be by the girl. He goes as far as murder if I remember correctly. -The boy loves the girl, but one of the main points of the sto

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Electrolysis and Redox reaction prediction questions - Help? Hello everyone. I have a few questions regarding work I was assigned for one of my classes. Predicting Redox Reactions Q1. For each situation, list the entities present, write the half reactions and overall equations then predict whether it is spontaneous or not. If I had two aqueous ionic solids in a basic solution, I would split the metal and the non-metal into their respective ions in aqueous form? This also stays true for any poly-atomic ions, correct? Then, I use a standard reduction table such as [url=]this[/url] to get the half reactions. Checking whether it is spontaneous or not requires me making sure the stro

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