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Price Check on These Chairs I have a [url=http://i58.tinypic.com/jqghnl.png]Lioner chair[/url], [url=http://i62.tinypic.com/2q83tqe.png]Ribbon Snake chair[/url] and a [url=http://i58.tinypic.com/30uy70z.png]Bunny Box chair[/url]. I tried to go over on to *THE* site (the one with fm at the end of its URL), and I couldn't see a price for the Lioner chair. The Ribbon Snake chair was valued around 3,000,000,000, while the Bunny Box chair was valued around 1,980,000,000. Are these accurate prices?


Having Trouble With Monster Park Extreme I have two characters, a level 70 Xenon and a level 86 Angelic Buster, both of whom I can't use to kill mobs at Monster Park Extreme. I'm trying to get the green potions that drop from the bosses, but I can't get that far without dying or running out of time. Is there another class that's optimal for this, or can I use these character to get the job done and there's something I'm not doing? I should note that I'm not teaming up with anyone else in a party, though I have seen other people do Monster Park Extreme alone. Thank you for the assistance.


2 Star Enhancement Scrolls ... do they or don't they destroy your item if they fail, because this page is confusing: [quote=Nexon]There are also 2-, 3-, 4- and 5 Star Enhancement Scrolls, which enhance your item to the corresponding star level in one shot. For example, if you used a 5 Star Enhancement Scroll on an item with 1 star, the item would have 5 stars. If you used the same scroll on an item with 4 stars, it would still bring the item to 5 stars. Since you are only enhancing once instead of multiple times, there is a [b]smaller chance that your item will be destroyed.[/b][/quote]

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