General Gms

Recent Fm Hacks Lately the FM hacks have been getting more annoying and interesting The latest one I've seen is when an Angelic Buster uses the purple orbs and they target all players in the map, gradually pushing them to the side [no damage is dealt and you can actually cc during breathing animation] eventually everyone is stacked in the corner and certain parts of the FM look empty or as if there's a free spot open, but no, it's because the spot is still occupied by the players that got pushed to the side lol..honestly, sometimes it feels like it wouldn't be wrong to think that it's Nexon's employees job to harass people with Regular Store Permits [forcing them to DC] which would encourage them to get a Mushie Shop [that doesn't disconnec


Really Crappy Recent Updates Nexon is running really low on updates / creativity / ideas for MS ...the bear outfit they're releasing that's Permanent has been out forever [released a long, LONG time ago already] and they're also releasing new hair, but none are really interesting. The only thing that's keeping them alive are the surprise style boxes, huge updates that come every now and then [which Actually...doesn't contain much if you really think about it], players that are hooked/addicted, and players that only come on HOPING for better updates and instead quit again within a few days If MS2 is their backup plan to keep the MS title alive..they're going to need to release it soon / at least show us SOME gameplay. lol honestly. if anyone


After all these server issues and duping I'm realistically thinking here, regardless of what was posted on the Maple Official front page, I personally think they're going to do a roll back. I'm not saying or spreading rumors or anything. Just a personal opinion. If Nexon doesn't, that's fine. If Nexon does, that's fine too. I just think they Should. That's all~ There's too much server instability, complaints, duping issues, hacks, false bans on innocent players, too many hell ban tickets sent, and a horrible start of 2014 for Nexon Nexon likes to take the easy way out sometimes and the easiest would be to roll back to a reasonable date. It would be unfortunate, but probably the best solution. If Nexon really did let all the items stay in th

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