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Reboot cra carry feb 8th **Edit: carry complete. Weekly cra carry service. Fame me 10 times to register, cvel not included. Schedule: Wednesday Feb 8th 8:45pm EST.** *If you don't get enough pieces, I will grant a second run. Or you can join reset run if you are able to reset too, as long as spots are available. *Carry is postponed in case you don't show up. Being absent twice = carry revoked. Fame method 1: 10*lv15+chars for 1 fame each. Fame method 2: 5*lv15+chars for 1 fame each + rps freewin per char. **Leave ign & guild if interested, and please mention your referrer if there is one.** List: ign-guild-bmid 1. Shimilly - Ventus 2. Gorger - n/a 3. Balncd - Fatal 4. NatPage - infiltration 5. StarryRose - n/a **Reset runs 9:30pm EST** Quee


Bossing classes So... i play every class and i wander in almost all servers, today i want to know your opinion on which classes are effective against what bosses and why. ie for example nl and nw have an easy time at gollux because they just spam the thing without having to worry about em' potatoes. Gollux< NL,NW,BM,?? Cqueen<?? Cpierre<?? CVB<?? Cvel<?? Hmag< shade,?? Lotus<?? I apologize if you ecounter grammar flaws in this chunk of text as English is not my first language. Please comment!


Reb cra carry jan 11th This week's cra run did not drop enough pieces to my carry crew, despite of my high drop rate...I will grant them a 2nd run. There is only 1 spot available for 10 fame. *Leave ign/guild if interested. **Schedule: wednesday jan 11th 9pm est** List: ign - guild/bmid 1. Chainlessduo - Stellar 2. Sympul - Eternal 3. Mikeuhuh - Youkai 4. Pigparachute - Artificial 5. Memehunterx - Stellar 6. **update:** alright so there are TWO spots available. here's the deal queen: 1.chainlessduo 2.pigparachute 3.memehunterx 4. 5.n/a clown: 1.chainlessduo 2.sympul 3.pigparachute 4.memehunterx 5. vb: 1.chainlessduo 2.pigparachute 3.mikeuhuh 4.memehunterx 5. Vouchers: check previous carry threads. **Edit: Carry succesful.**

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