I got hacked for the first time. I never thought that i would be making a thread like this, now i know how others felt. the hackers only took my NLs claw and my Bishops (mostly just an hs mule) staff and mesos which were a total of about 1.5b and they took nothing else, not as much as other people who got hacked. i didnt play my NL much and i was even going to sell the claw, but i was waiting to see what they were going to do with Thieves/Pirates. i kinda felt like i was going to get hacked someday so what i did was i only made 1 main character per account, so just in case i got hacked, i would still have other characters to play, so im not quitting...f3

General Evan

Blaze becoming a mobbing skill againquestion mark Magic Missile: (1st growth) Damage has been increased. Magic Shield: (5th growth) Duration and Cooldown time have been increased. Dragon Spark: (7th growth) Damage has been increased. Dragon Fury: (8th growth) Minimum MP restriction to activate has been reduced. The amount that Magic ATT is increased has been raised. Phantom Imprint: (8th growth) The amount of bonus damage done to enemies while under the effects of this skill has been increased. Illusion: (9th growth) Ignores up to 15% of an enemy’s defense. Blaze: (10th growth) Ignores up to 20% of an enemy’s defense.[b] Effective range that extra damage can be inflicted on nearby monsters has been increased.[/b] does it mean what i thi

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