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General Dualblade

Contemplating on Switching NLs seem quite fun for me right now, but I don't know if I should wait until the changes to see if I really would like to switch it or not. I'll probably be able to afford a perfected fafnir claw if I decide to do so. I do not know how long this class changing function is going to last though, could anyone confirm on when it's leaving? Also I was wondering about how it would have an effect on my range (525k buffed). I'll be able to afford whatever stars most likely along with the claw as well.

General Dualblade

Nebs amp Potentials I'm finishing up on my questlines and I am most likely to transpose soon for both my katara and dagger. For the dagger it's obvious I should aim for the most boss damage potential and neb possible, but what about my katara? I've heard mixed answers about what I should do for their potentials, whether it be %ATT or %TDMG or boss damage. I'm leaning towards boss damage, but I would like some opinions on this. Also, what about my other equips, should I go for %stats on them? [url=http://gyazo.com/d297e0aa24e810c68a17a46e0dbe159e]Dagger[/url] [url=http://gyazo.com/54d371841ebd5c75f650f17ea9e16f96]Katara[/url] I'd like to know the stats they'd be when they transpose if anyone would happen to know off the top of their head.