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What to improve on with 2b I currently have 2b to spend and I was wondering what would be the best way to increase my range which is sitting at 41k atm. My equips: DABR Legendary Ring Evo Ring III Lv. 10 6% All Earrings 2% Luk Branch Nose 9% Luk Tempest Ring/Shoulder/Pendant 4% Luk, 10 atk Tempest Belt 3% Luk Empress Overall (Clean) 24 atk empress gloves Baselard (Clean, going to perfect with unlimited scrolls) Empress Katara 73 atk, 0 slots Empress cape/hat/boots (Clean) I also have a 9% top and 6% luk bot but they drop my range since I lose the empress set effect. What would be the best way to spend 2b in order to improve on my range?