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General Nightlord

Cheapest way to improve my damage I finally hit 21k self buffed and I'm aiming for around 30k. Should I self cube some of my equips or just buy some new ones? My budget is 500m with no NX [b]or[/b] 10k NX +50m. [b]Current Equips:[/b] Empress Hat (2L +3% Dex) Empress Overall (2L crap) Empress Cape (2L +3% Dex) 9 Atk Empress Gloves (0 slots, failed scrolling these) Clean Empress Boots Empress Claw (91 atk, 3L epic 15% PDR) HTP (2L +12 Dex) Evo ring III Lvl 9 Crusader's Zeal Ring Legendary Maple Gold Ring Legendary Ring Splendid Silent Crusader Shoulders Veteran Cross Belt Super Summer Googles (2L +2% Dex) Hwabi