Radiating #General Talk


Does Marvel really give the best stuff in first few hours? So this is a big controversial topic. Some people say it does and it would be best to spin right when it comes out tomorrow at 11am pst. Others say they have gotten good stuff later on and towards the end of Marvel. If I recall correctly Nexon even made a note on the website last time that said the items do not deplete and there is no difference if you spin it right when it comes out or at a later time.... but I am still skeptical. What do you guys think? I will be at work tomorrow and wont be able to spin till 5:30pm pst and I really want a wolf underling familiar. Do you think it'll be really rare like tyrant gloves/titanium heart? Should I spin at work 0-0? lol.


15 Teapot Run Just showing this since everyone has been making topics about getting fafnir equips in like 11 teapots. This is to show that they are NOT that common you all are just really lucky lol. Refreshing blue potion chair x2 pendant of spirit special pendant of spirit double maximus mount 30 days x2 Double power suit mount 30 days 5 slot herb bag Royal Oaken Staff Flame tongue x2 Sunset seraphim Heartbreak sword Ombra and luce sabre Crissigram blade So yeaa I think people who had terrible runs like me should post them more often just so we can get a realistic idea of how easy it is to get a fafnir item from them.