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Drawn Basilers the sequel Hey everyone! As some of you may know i uploaded a thread around march of this year showcasing some basilers i drew = This time ive drawn another pair of basilers with a bit of a different rule set than before. I decided to limit each drawing to around 10 minutes so i could add a bit more detail compared to last time. Also these basilers were drawn in a span of around 4 months some look better than others. Also note that the selection of basilers i picked were ones i saw usually posting stories or their characters just stood out so...yea. Anyways tell me what you think and how i should improve. All types of criticism are wanted! The lucky basilers who were drawn are: = Sorry about the wait. The last thread ended wi

General Shade

World Maps Blocked off So what exactly was the point in GMS locking certain parts of the world map? its not like they themselves are actually modifying anything. All they do is wait for KMS to finish the content then copy and paste everything into GMS. For KMS it makes sense that they actually locked off the maps since they themselves are actually modifying and updating certain areas of the maps but for GMS it doesn't make any sense at all. To me it seems like GMS was just to lazy to actually modify the files and just decided to copy and paste the patch (as well as translate) into GMS without much though. There's [b]no[/b] logical reason why GMS had to lock of the maps. Of course this is just my opinion and how i see things, so what do you

General Cannoneer

Switch to Cannonner? So ive had my corsair ever since pre-bb and now a days i cant even bare to play as him any longer. I dont have a problem with the playstyle or anything i actually find it kind of fun...the thing is im 140 and I cant do anything to level anymore. Corsairs have horrible Hp, (only have about 9000 hp unbuffed and around 10k if jack comes out but thats nothing more then a gamble. On top of that i dont have the fundings to help increase his hp ) Crappy defense, and a unstable damage range. (Having to rely on Roll of the Dice, Summons, and Pirates revenge to get maxium damage output). I can barley train due to having such low hp and crappy defense, it takes around 3-4 hits if im lucky before im dead. The thing is im considerin


What is your favorite removed skill? Since RED will be coming out tomorrow and alot of the adventures are getting re-hauled, what skills will you miss, or what skills have been removed in the past that you miss? Mines would have to be Dualblades pre-bb skill: Monster Bomb, it wasnt exactly useful since it also harmed party members in the explosion....(good for trolling) but i loved saying "fire in the hole!" before launching at a group of enemys. I Also miss Buccs transformation which was another one of my favorite skills...it just looked cool As for what im going to miss with the RED update those would be: Ground smash (good times with this skill) Arrow Rain, Puppet, and Dragon Roar. What are some of yours? :)

General Dualblade

Blade Clone glitch Im not sure if its just me, but does anyone else notice that when you use blade clone (lvl 150 hyper buff) instead of adding an extra attack line, it dosent do so and instead after doing a couple of attacks it will interrupt your current attack you are using and show the standard attack animation?(pressing control) I find it really annoying that it interrupts whatever attack im doing >.> this isnt anything major since its your choice to use the buff or not, but still this is a bit annoying.

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